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about counselling

I offer counselling for a wide range of struggles. A safe place for you to let go and find ways to heal and feel better

about me

I have a passion for living life to the full and a strong belief that all emotional hurdles can be overcome

Counselling and psychotherapy 

feel the freedom of being barefoot

why speak to someone?

Do you feel alone even when you are with people or do you feel like others are always judging you?      Are you always wearing the 'I'm fine' mask or finding yourself getting really frustrated at small things?     Have you been hurt by someone or lost someone special and the wound refuses to heal?      Are you finding it hard to connect with other people or have meaningful, healthy relationships?      Do you constantly feel guilty no matter how busy you are?   Does your mind never switch off and do you worry about every scenario that could possibly happen, replaying your day over and over?     Do you find it really hard to make decisions or get ambushed by thoughts or feelings that you can't explain?     Are you living with the feeling that you are not good enough?     

All of these thoughts and feelings are natural but you do not have to live like this... by talking things through with a counsellor you can reduce your suffering and increase your quality of life.


You don't need to be at breaking point to make an appointment, some people just feel a little lost and by talking things through at one session they start to find their way again. 



Email me (or fill in the form on this web page) and l will be in touch with you within 48 hours.

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