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about me

Society approves of us getting on with things, coping and 'being fine', and society disapproves of us feeling blue, struggling and falling apart. But life is tough! We get side swiped all of the time by events that we do not expect and we have to make choices, often not liking any of the options we have. Being free to make difficult decisions creates anxiety which is a healthy response when faced with tension; but often we fight against being anxious and by doing so we amplify the strain and deny our own freedom. We get lost in the noise of everybody else expectations....but, if we are willing and able to live with a healthy amount of anxiety we have the possibility of living life to the fullest.  


I used to feel like I wasn't  ‘enough’; the tension that I was experiencing led me to study. I gained a good amount of academic qualifications and I felt a bit more confident but still the ‘not good enough’ gremlin would creep up on me, sometimes ambushing me in the day but most of all I felt it at night. I would battle it by thinking lots... by overthinking a lot. It was through feedback and counselling training that I really understood myself and what I really wanted. Gradually I stopped feeling a lot of tension, I listened more and I began to use my own language not industry waffle. The result was amazing! My gremlin backed off, I got promotions, I developed amazing teams that achieved great things and I felt free; even things like my long standing fear of flying diminished. It was never my job or society that was my problem, I needed to understand who I was, to trust my own judgement and allow myself to be me. 

In me you will find a qualified Counsellor, an islander, a traveller, a professional manager, a runner, a business owner, a mental health worker and a curious, open minded human being. My focus will always be on you, your story, your goals and your own wisdom. ​​

  • qualifications

    • Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling

    • Level 7 CMI Strategic Leadership 

    • MSc Human Resource Management

    • BSc (Hons) Psychology 

  • counselling related experience

    • Counsellor at La Moye Prison, St. Brelade

    • Counsellor at Jersey Brain Tumour Charity

    • Health Care Assistant at Orchard House (acute mental health facility)

    • Support Worker at Mind Oasis (Mental Health Outpatients clinic in Plymouth City Centre) 

    • Job Coach (supported employment for people with specific needs)

  • organisational experience

    • Head of Human Resources

    • Senior Reward Manager

    • Employment Relations Manager

    • HR Officer/ Manager

Hannah Gleave Barefoot Counselling Jersey
  • professional membership

    • MNCS Accredited Registrant

    • National Counselling Society member

    • Chartered Institute of Personnel Development

    • Fully insured

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